Essential Beauty Basics for All Day Blogging

Blogging all day or in the big city for events? Then these are the essential beauty basics that you’ll need in your handbag to keep you looking fresh and fancy all day long. Although I could have gone on forever with the bits and pieces that are always floating around in my bag (hand cream, bronzer, a random pair of sunglasses), these are the absolute core essentials that I always keep on me for a long day of working.

Up first are facial make-up wipes – if I was going to take anything at all (bar concealer), this would be it. After a long day of blogging and moving around the city, my skin feels gross, I’m tired and I can’t wait to get it all off. I usually take my make-up off on the train/tube home and give my skin a breather after all of the city pollution and cosmetic touch ups, and doing so just makes me feel that little bit fresher. Skincare wipes come in more compact packaging than baby wipes, and if you haven’t got any cleanser/micellar water on you to do a better job, 3-in-1 wipes like these Nivea Daily Essential ones are that little bit kinder to your skin.

Touching up your make-up throughout the day will be absolutely essential, especially given the battering your skin will take from the weather, travel and a hours of working. These are the essentials I can’t leave my home without… Concealer is always top of my list, even when I’m just popping to the shops. You never know when you’re accidentally going to rub the cover-up off that volcanic spot on your chin or the day will begin to take a toll and your eye bags turn into holdalls, so I always make sure to keep a quality concealer on me at all times. I’m using the Rodial Airbrush Concealer at the moment which is not only great because of it’s compact size and flip up mirror, but also because it covers everything and never gets cakey.

I always make sure to carry translucent powder with me to cover any shine on my nose, forehead and chin, and also to set any concealer that I pop on during the day. This one from Sephora is quite fine but covers well, and being in a compact case it slips easily into even the smallest of handbags. I don’t like using powder sponges as I think you can easily run the risk of caking too much on, so I carry a large powder brush with me to lightly dust wherever I need it. Although it’s not quite so compact I love this Rodial Powder Brush as it disperses product evenly and feels super soft, but you could also opt for a kabuki brush if you’re pushed for space.

The Topshop Everything Stick is perfect for beauty on the go, and the reason why is all in the name. Pop it on your lips, your cheeks and even your eyes for a dewy sheen of colour that is instantly going to inject some more life into your look. And although I don’t really suffer with dry lips, I always carry lip balm for that little bit of extra nourishment. Lip balm is also great for when you’ve been eating 1000 macarons at events and sipping dem blogger cocktails but need to refresh and give yourself some TLC. I’ve been using Lanolips from one of my Love Me Beauty Box, and if you fancy grabbing this plus lots of other goodies, hop on over to and pop in the code ‘chloe20’ for 20% off! (Heads up, Make Up For Ever is back in stock!)

Last but not least, the one and only hair essential you’ll need for beauty on the go is the Compact Tangle Teezer. Smaller than the original and with a cover so you don’t get any crap in the bristles, this tangle teezing beauty is perfect for fixing your hair on the go and dealing with any last minute emergencies (we’re talking broken hairbands and sudden torrential rain). They also come in a range of colours so you can find one to suit your style, outfit or even handbag for the day. I actually have 3 Tangle Teezers and a Blow Styling Tool because I love the brand so much, and I’ll be featuring them all in an upcoming post so keep your eyes peeled!

  • I'm absolutely in love with my tangle teazer – I pack it everywhere I go as it's SO much easier to cram into a handbag or holdall than a normal sized hairbrush. I've never thought of carrying half of these other things though – I'm definitely going to be giving it a try!

    Steph –

  • I don't have a tangle teezer but I always keep a small brush in my bag. It's so clutch! (no pun intended)


  • These look really cool! Love your picks x

    Lina /

  • Caz

    I recently got a Tangle Teezer and it's definitely something I wish i'd bought sooner as its so much easier than carrying a brush!

    Caz | This is Caz


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