LFW: Day Two

On the agenda for LFW Day 2 was a quick street style shoot with New Look, followed by meeting up with Sophie from Fashion Slave for coffee, shooting, and a spot of shopping. I say a spot of shopping because, upon meeting Soph at the Covent Garden Grind, I realised that I’d already shot both of my outfits with the New Look photographer so I needed a last minute throw on to not waste the afternoon and opportunity to shoot. Cue a speedy walk to the nearby stores, followed by picking up this knit/shirt combo in Topshop and copying Soph with a long sleeved slogan tee so we could finally be fashion twins.

Even though LFW is the perfect opportunity to experiment with trends and release your inner peacock, the lazy girl in me will always opt for comfort-dressing and classic styles. Anything oversized is a plus (especially in this situation because I’d just tucked into a big slice of Red Velvet Cake, but shh, don’t tell anybody), and if I can have all of those things in a muted and understated palette? Well, I’m in. Fusing in the trend of exaggerated sleeves into something a little more low-key, this overlaid sweater/shirt ticked all the right boxes for off-duty style. Frilled hems and knot detailing also made the cut, with these slim fitting New Look trousers and backless loafers finising off the last-minute ensemble (I’m still about that backless loafer hype).

Top – Topshop
Trousers – New Look*
Shoes – New Look*
Sunglasses – New Look*

Snapshot Moment: Blogger Pals

As I said, I spent the afternoon with Sophie and after both picking up the same long-sleeved tee in Topshop (grab it here), we attempted a few selfies and then accepted a passer-by’s kind offer of “did you want a picture together?”. Funnily enough, after the first snap, she said, “well do something then”, and then quickly realised that by the third photo, our moody, *fashurn* expressions were as good as it was going to get.


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